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Issue 109 - May 2024


Your FREE monthly magazine of all things Millwater & the Coast

Has anyone taken a drive through Milldale recently? A business meeting had me heading that way a few weeks ago and as I drove through, negotiating my way around the little mounded roundabouts, I was flabbergasted by both the number of homes that have been built there since my last visit and by the sheer scale of the earthworks and development going on. The first neighbourhood shops look like they’re not too far away from opening too. It’s amazing how quickly our area of the Coast is growing and changing. 

Alas the weather is changing too, and now it’s becoming more grey than golden, Coastguard are filling you in this month on how to boat safely in the off-season, we also have some squelchy-weather gardening tips for you and advice on making your outdoors area suitable for all seasons. If you’re more of a stay-inside-out-of-the-rain kind of person, our book reviews bring you a mystery in the mountains and a motivational piece that encourages living a colourful life – and if you’ve always dreamed of doing your reading by the fire, we also have an article on choosing the right fireplace to suit your home. 

For those thinking of moving to a new home we have you covered with properties for sale and market info in our real estate section, an interview with residents at The Botanic, a local company offering stress-free moves and the lowdown on how a mortgage swap could make your move a lot easier.  

You can escape to the Serengeti with tales of a balloon ride at dawn, get lost in a little fiction by Hibiscus Coast Writers and delve into ways of encouraging your kids to do the right thing. 
Please, pop your feet up and enjoy.


Claire Nevans

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Kind regards

The Millwater Mag Team



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