About us

The Millwater Mag was established in 2014, born out of a need and desire to bring people from a brand new community together. The Millwater community has one thing in common: to create an atmosphere of togetherness.


The magazine has become a way to facilitate this, as many residents contribute to its informative content. We constantly receive feedback from our readers, stating that the magazine is well read and highly valued, due to its content and presentation.



Testimonials from readers


"The beating heart of Millwater is truly enhanced by the presence of it's own "Millwater Mag". Residents use the Mag as their own local "Bible". Preferring to frequent local businesses, the Mag is a reliable reference for a diversity of services ranging from landscaping to facials. The Mag has become so popular that Millwater residents become quite disconcerted if they think they may have missed out their monthly issue. It's read from cover to cover with great glee."

- Diana, Millwater Resident.​



"As a Millwater resident I cannot wait each month for the latest magazine to arrive. It keeps me in touch with all that is happening locally and because I want to support local business where I can it is my go to for finding any services I or my household require. I assist delivering the magazine each month and often people come out to greet me on my delivery walks, who are the same as me, looking forward to receiving our lovely magazine that is all about “us”. We are so lucky to have this resource and it is a great way for me to promote activities for the Millwater Women’s Group." - Marj Noble, Millwater resident.


Meet the Team

Sarah and Grayson Furniss - Our Publishers


Grayson and Sarah were both born and raised in Auckland, moving to Millwater in May 2014. They have backgrounds in finance and teaching respectively and are now the business owners of the Mike Pero Real Estate franchise in Millwater. They love this new community and are proud to call it home. 

Jessica Copping - Our Editor

Having spent a large part of her youth on the Coast, Jessica now loves living in Millwater, along with her young family and their oversized Labrador. As a published author, once-librarian, and now an English teacher, Jessica has a great deal of literary and writing experience, which she enjoys bending to the task of editing the community magazine once a month. Jessica enjoys reading, writing, talking about reading and writing, and helping others learn to be better readers and writers.


Michelle Thomas- Our Advertising Assistant

Hello, I am Michelle Thomas! Born in South Africa but a New Zealand All Blacks supporter. Mother of 2, wife of a DIRT biker and a hard worker at one of Auckland's Top Award winning advertising agencies. 


I have lived and breathed brands and agency life for over a decade. I understand the expectations & responsibilities of a designer. I’ve managed one of South Africa's leading direct response magazines and delivered large trade shows. 


To keep me fresh and stimulated I offer my design skills to help people with their businesses. It brings me so much pleasure to be able to contribute my time to our local community magazine with design. 


Do you have a great idea for a visual design, but lack the time and skills to make it a reality? If so, give me a call so that I can create amazing adverts for you in the The Millwater Mag.




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