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Why is Millwater one of Auckland's fastest growing suburbs?


The Millwater development is all about a great community that is really friendly, vibrant and growing together. It offers lifestyle, rural and coastal aspects, combined with close proximity to Auckland via almost instant motorway access.  


The first-class local schools, leisure and shopping facilities mean that there is always something for everyone – no matter to what age group you belong.  It’s a great place for growing families and businesses, with the most common comment from residents being "why would I want to live anywhere else?”. 


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Naming of Millwater, the Suburbs, Parks, Streets and Reserves

The history of Millwater is an interesting one. The naming of the suburbs, parks, streets and reserves are based on themes developed in 2005, surrounding the historical activities of the first settlers to the area in general – combined with the natural assets of the surrounding landscape.


This primarily formed concepts around breaking-in the land, felling Kauri, raising stock, building a community of like-minded pioneers – for which Silverdale became a central trading post – along with the natural features of water and views across rolling hills to the sea.



Having presented 70+ conceptual names, it was felt by all parties that Millwater was an appropriate choice for the following reasons:


  • It combined an element of history (milling Kauri) with the area’s predominant geographical asset, water, which was used to transport the timber;



  • This in turn allowed the developers to retain the local history; pioneering being a central theme of community, while associations with water position the area as a more prime location;



  • The intention was to create a unique, high-end development; not exclusive to the wealthy, but rather a place where everything you needed to enjoy a full and modern lifestyle was on hand. In other words, the complete package, a place to belong, with a sense of local history;



  • The name sounded different, yet familiar – unique, while being made up of common names. It rolled off the tongue easily and had a tone of quality; and



  • The name was not in use anywhere else in New Zealand – therefore was able to be trademarked as a company, community, electorate, etc.



With a decision to proceed with the name Millwater, the size of the development required 3-5 precincts or suburbs to be named. Following the same strategy to retain local history and geographical assets in the naming procedure, understanding was then undertaken of the properties purchased, the families and their history. 


Time was spent researching heritage documents of each farm, meeting with the families, collating names, places, landmarks or any other significant icon of interest. In all cases, participants were very helpful and keen to see their heritage live on.



In short, what is now known as Millwater was made up of several significant land ownerships, most of whom were the original families. Early history tells us large areas of Kauri were milled here and transported out by water. Significantly, each farm had been named by the settling families and this is the basis behind the five precincts: Seaview, Bonair, Arran Hills and Arran Point – with Ridgedale being made up of a collection of owners, thus no one name was available and instead follows the geographical theme.



Greenways (the two way roads split by central landscaping) are named after the original landowners, while street names draw on significant family members, historical events or activities, all keeping within the pioneering theme.



For more information on the individual street names and their origin, please email sarah@themillwatermag.co.nz.

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